Tuesday 8th August

What have I been up to today.

Most of the morning I was supporting Aboriginal Australia after the very interesting Garma Festival. A lot of discussion re Makarrata and explained what that meant. Walking together towards peace. Truth and Justice Commission.

After that spent a few hours on Suicide Prevention. ABC shared the story of Donna Thistlewaite on Australian Story re jumping from the Story Bridge. Basically saying Never give up change will happen


Then spent time on Building Peace. Makarrata is building Peace but not so sure that my Aboriginal Friends are ready for that. Will see if Politicians are. Am concerned about the Voice in Parliment. Thinking that need to have state based Voice to advise the national voice. ” they dont speak for me ”

Domestic Violence has been on my mind. I hate all violence. Considering the triggers of Violence today.


Thinking about Uganda and visit by school assessor re acceptance as a registered school. Not likely but the feedback will be very interesting.FB_IMG_1502104702554

Need to do more re


Things also quiet on


Of course have spent ages on this site. Tech and me do not get on at all. My first page is done, please excuse spelling mistakes.


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