Thursday 10th August

Well today, not much was achieved. Really wanted to work on my own mental health but as usual did nothing. Again was trying to find enjoyment in something. No smiles and no laughs but did enjoy flirting with friends. Giving a friend some grief about his car troubles i also enjoyed. If Frank knew I was enjoying his troubles, i am sure he would see why, but seems cruel cause it is an ongoing issue. Hope he makes it home.

Uganda School furniture arrived at Buhanga yesterday and just the pics of the kids made me smile. Thank you Meredith


Domestic Violence in PNG has me scratching my head, just how can I help. Wrote emails to the new PNG Govt today seeking an office for women and then wrote to Australian Trade seeking a treatment of women clause and child labour clause in Govt contracts with PNG.


Gave a little thought today to the impact of Pornography on our relationship with women and the awful impact on relationships. Many people build expectations about sex based on what they see or read in Porn. Need to think some more about what I can do to engage teens in this discussion.


I have many outstanding contacts. I learn much from them. Thinking about a Reconciliation Plan for First Nations Friend.

See what tomorrow brings



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