Monday 14th August

Wow a big weekend around home.

A tenant here asked me to open an outside door for her. Being my naive self I said yes. There was a guy waiting with her. Dropped a box and left. I yelled at him that I was not waiting at the same time letting her know I would. She slyly reached out and unlocked the latch and other people entered.

I let her know was not good form

A frjend at Sunshine Coast found a lady sitting on roadside in a lil shock, said her unit had burned. 2 children, Centrelink no help. I was very impressed with her kindness as helped the lady for a few days. The kindness of some people knows no bounds.

My Sunday Games session here again messed up. Just Rachel turned up as others were ill. Room had been double booked so just chatted with Rachel and went home. Discovered today that organisor had forgot to book room. I spent money organising bikkies and things but did not care. Losing enthusiasm for delivering activities.

Bec contacted re catching up so will happen on Wed Afternoon. Very concerned re parking and traffic but will see.

Had a smile on my dial today as a dear friend let me know had left husband.

Spent some time on weekend thinking about ” if I had wings, where would I fly to ” some very nice ladies posted and it was nice thinking about spending time in peace with others

Another friend had me remembering the Weis Mango Bar from Toowoomba. Has been to long but will hunt one down.

Health is not good but nobody cares.

Tis mostly self inflicted so no complaining. Onwards and Upwards.

The lady alone has got me thinking that just maybe …

Till tomorrow

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