Wednesday 16th August

Have not done well in the last couple of days. Basically Isolated myself. I know tis not clever but means that I stop messing up others lives. Any group that I try to help, falls over. I offer to facilitate Groups and all are successful but want me to promote the group. That will not happen.

Today i had a nice afternoon with Bec amy daughter and Tom her husband. A very nice day up at Bribie Island. Lots of chatting including my health. Not good and again isolating myself. Tired of doctors and causing myself pain mostly due to diabetes. Have for years been told it will kill me, wish it would hurry up

My facebook friend Robin Mc Conchie has been giving me a tour of the Brisbane Ekka all week. Robin is a fantastic photographer who every day posts pictures that tickle my memory. Robin has a view of the Ekka that is unique. Robin loves the animals, but tis the feel of the ekka that Rob presents. The Rides, Ferris Wheel, Side Show Alley this year seems disappointing but Rob’s pic below is in the spirit

I have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow. Friends that mean a lot to me that I feel I have let down. Meredith, Kerry, Judy, Dylan, Tess, Vanessa you are all on my mind and yes we need to talk

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