Thursday 17th August

Nice start to the day. Had a lovely morning coffee with Jill. Very relaxing, Social chat I am not good at but felt comfortable. Hope the next coffee happens soon

Have lost respect for Australian Politics. Resorting to silly games. How do these people get elected. Power Hungry.

America in the Trump Era is experiencing Extremism Left and Right. Just looking for the truth in Press releases. The thought of KKK is revolting but Aust Policies on Assylum Seekers not that disimilar. Extreme Left is a new to me. I think in Australia they are called Enviromentalists. Extreme Musilims, Extreme Catholics amongst others illustrates Extreme anything is a sign of trouble.

Thinking today about Aboriginal Voice in Australia Politics. Many Royal Commissions have made recommendations that have been ignored. So am not confident that any voice will be heard.

These things take time I know but Aboriginal Australia, i think needs to move forward and organise who is leading the push for Peace and Pursuit of Truth. The search for Justice continues re Dhu and Elijah which is why States must be included in treaties

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