Tuesday 19th Sept

Post Psychiatrist Appointment.

No real surprises at Appt. Bascically confirmed that the actions I have taken. The challenge was to trust myself. My thoughts have been a challenge for years and I am winning the battle.

Discussed DBT therapy.

On way home called into GP to reconnect with him. No Appointments for a week. Frustrating. Thinking about new GP. Probably not though.

Thinking about how I could reconnect to the real world and real people. I am feeling positive which is unknown to me. Thinking of doing things away from where I live. I would like to attend some Forums or Facilitate Training. Thinking of volunteering at schools. Perhaps Typing course

Ideas about Painting and Writing, but these are isolating activies but do lead me to producing things. Be patient Cameron.

Looks like will be using Wheely Walker, am not sure will help but will see. I do need to adress the pain so eventually will talk to GP.

I really do hope that I can meet some Facebook Friends and enjoy their company and friendship. Today am going to a Classical Music Rehersal. Debussey I think, at QPAC.

Thank you to those who have put up with me.

And yes I would love to have a coffee

Yours in Kindness


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