Tears Today

Tears galore on this day.

The tragedy of the Rohingas is all over twitter today. But just what can I do.

Thoughts are with them and with the UN. Countries in the region seem to want not to get involved. Myanmarr Army has the strength. It does seem that some Rohingas are stirring up trouble, perhaps understandably. World gone made. There are other civil wars, South Sudan for eg. Has been lots of talking followed by lots of killing. My heart goes out to the women and kids innocently sacrificed by Men, yes Men who think they are proving their manhood, Rape and Killing. Tears flooding as I type these words. Only hope is Suu Kyi can stand strong in support of her Country women and Country Kids. Politics often needs a long game to bring change. All religions support compassion and forgiveness.

Empty words, SCREAMING in Anger ..

Clinton Pryor has walked from Perth to Canberra, listening to people. What a fantastic effort !!! He is also a man worth listening to. I am extremely disappointed that all Australians did not Embrace his story and his message. Shameful exclusion in Mainstream Media. However this is a perfect example to students, young an old, of Media manipulating truth. A true hero puts himself out there, no protection just talking justice, Justice for Elijah and Justice for Ms Dhu. Both very sad stories that ended with young australian death. This is not only an indigenous story. Think about Manus, lives abused and lost because Dutton and those in power abuse the law, systematic criminal behavior. Has been found guilty in Australia and PNG. O’Neill has been reelected so deal has been concluded. UN will step up maybe, these guys cannot come to Australia or PNG and these guys must go somewhere. An Immigration Centre somewhere .. just treated fairly, god tears again … the supposedly good guys using violence and cruelty to suppress humans. That is the way that were treated in homelands and in desperation turned to boats. AAAGGGGHHHH

Australia needs more men like Clinton and perhaps the Makarrata process of Truth Telling and Peace is the way forward. Clinton is an example of doing the hard work that it is necessary for Australia to grow. Australia must change, must support all people, fairly and with justice. ALL PEOPLE, NOT MINORITIES, NOT THE POOR. or is that democracy

Movement Global Mental Health Asia Pacific

The following is a summary of Mental Health issues in the area based on news reports and personal research.

Worldwide Poverty, Trauma, Human Rights Violations are common and cause Mental Health problems. Funding cuts by Governments are also common. Housing for the poor in Shanties, Slums etc also challenges the delivery of Services.

Drugs and Alcohol also are a huge issue as individuals cope with life with little hope. Suicide is a huge issue in Australia especially Indigenous. Lots of money spent on talking but little impact on data

Papua New Guinea has recently had an election. Questions are being asked re Democracy but observers have agreed to election result. Violence was very common during the election and has increased post election. Very concerned re PNG Women as zero were elected and domestic violence a serious problem with Corruption, Male Society, Support and Education all part of the issue.

Access to help is also an issue in PNG particularly in Highlands

Indonesia has overcrowding issues, refugee issues, security problems and stateless people often found in waters around Indonesia. Local elections also caused issues based on Religion. These seem to have calmed over time.

The delivery of Mental Health Services in the over crowded cities is a big issue and identifying those with Mental Health probs is a low priority. Human R abuse is not uncommon.

Malaysia and Hong Kong have the same issues that are common in the region. Overcrowding, service delivery, poverty. The extra is relationship with China. A big influence in service delivery and security.

Phillipines has issues in Safety. Islamic Extremists are fighting on the islands.

The President Duterte has his own war against drugs. Lots of lives lost in the slum areas and many children. Justice is not always part of the process. Poverty, and Human Rights Abuse common. Getting MH help to those that need it is a challenge

Bangladesh has numerous problems and MH is low on priorities. Poverty is at heart of it. Poorly paid and workers are often taken advantage of by international companies. Poor working conditions. Severe flooding during Monsoon season. Health must be a priority to allow Bangladesh to grow.

Adressing Poverty and Inequality are not just a priority for Bangladesh but the world

There are many areas that I have not mentioned but will next time. I want to mention Rohinga problen in Myanmar. Is having a big impact on the region. !!! It does seem a solvable problem with Negotiation. I trust Aung Sun Suu Kyi but will need support from the region

Finally, North Korea has increased insecurities in the region. Trauma is huge in the world but being prepared to support those who suffer Trauma urgently is essential.

Hope this little summary has been of interest. The MOVEMENT GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH is worth supporting

Tuesday 22nd August


ISOLATION is my life. I push people away as soon as they get close. Always have. I hate myself and have no understanding of why anyone would seek my company.

Depression I know and have no idea how to change that mindset. Bullshit, I do but physically am not up to exercise. Every single day I contemplate suicide but have for ages. I do not have the courage to do anything about it. Gutless Bastard I am. I know that.

In tears as I write this, thinking of my daughter. She is plenty to live for but in reality I can only think about the disappointment as a father I have been. I know that any impact I can have on Grandkids would be negative. I wish Diabetes would hurry up and end the pain. For years I have heard it will kill me. Yes it makes it painful to live but Diabetes is my only choice to end it all

My eyes are shot, teeth are missing and painful, feet are so painful that walking is difficult and these together with historical back pain, arthritis and impact of stroke keep me at home. Trouble with stairs means tis lucky unit has lift access.

Isolation is all I see in my future.

I have been active on Facebook and Twitter but it is time to do less even on there. Limit my impact on others. Just not smart enough.

I try to get involved in my community at Greensquare, but it is a challenge. Getting others involved is impossible and working with BHC is difficult. I do try and I do go beyond ‘ gunna ‘ Just let myself down. I cannot think of what I can do or where ?

Thursday 17th August

Nice start to the day. Had a lovely morning coffee with Jill. Very relaxing, Social chat I am not good at but felt comfortable. Hope the next coffee happens soon

Have lost respect for Australian Politics. Resorting to silly games. How do these people get elected. Power Hungry.

America in the Trump Era is experiencing Extremism Left and Right. Just looking for the truth in Press releases. The thought of KKK is revolting but Aust Policies on Assylum Seekers not that disimilar. Extreme Left is a new to me. I think in Australia they are called Enviromentalists. Extreme Musilims, Extreme Catholics amongst others illustrates Extreme anything is a sign of trouble.

Thinking today about Aboriginal Voice in Australia Politics. Many Royal Commissions have made recommendations that have been ignored. So am not confident that any voice will be heard.

These things take time I know but Aboriginal Australia, i think needs to move forward and organise who is leading the push for Peace and Pursuit of Truth. The search for Justice continues re Dhu and Elijah which is why States must be included in treaties

Monday 14th August

Wow a big weekend around home.

A tenant here asked me to open an outside door for her. Being my naive self I said yes. There was a guy waiting with her. Dropped a box and left. I yelled at him that I was not waiting at the same time letting her know I would. She slyly reached out and unlocked the latch and other people entered.

I let her know was not good form

A frjend at Sunshine Coast found a lady sitting on roadside in a lil shock, said her unit had burned. 2 children, Centrelink no help. I was very impressed with her kindness as helped the lady for a few days. The kindness of some people knows no bounds.

My Sunday Games session here again messed up. Just Rachel turned up as others were ill. Room had been double booked so just chatted with Rachel and went home. Discovered today that organisor had forgot to book room. I spent money organising bikkies and things but did not care. Losing enthusiasm for delivering activities.

Bec contacted re catching up so will happen on Wed Afternoon. Very concerned re parking and traffic but will see.

Had a smile on my dial today as a dear friend let me know had left husband.

Spent some time on weekend thinking about ” if I had wings, where would I fly to ” some very nice ladies posted and it was nice thinking about spending time in peace with others

Another friend had me remembering the Weis Mango Bar from Toowoomba. Has been to long but will hunt one down.

Health is not good but nobody cares.

Tis mostly self inflicted so no complaining. Onwards and Upwards.

The lady alone has got me thinking that just maybe …

Till tomorrow

Today I spent time researching Youth Detention and making contact with a few people working in this area. So much abuse and punishment and zero incentive to change and educate. Been the same system for 200 years and is time for change. Solitary Confinement has sgopped in USA but very common here. I do have sympathy for guards etc but it is abuse and just adds trauma to what is an already traumatic experience. Iceland is recognised for success in dealing with Adolescent Drug use. The Prison Culture of living and learning from peers usually leads teens astray.

Pensive time on Twitter discussing Angry Aboriginal Women. Read a ladies PHD submission and I have bumped into Angry women in First Nation Friend. As part of looking into Domestic Violence i saw the most common reason for Anger is abuse of personal rights and lord knows Aboriginal Womens Rights have been and still are abused. Aboriginal Women in leadership roles in my experience are awesome. Communicate well but take no rubbish


NORTH KOREA has certainly got everyones attention. Turnbull has announced Oz will support USA if gets to war. Does seem strange he can announce we are going to war but not Same Sex Marriage. A couple of ex PMs have suggested we need a Nuclear Shield. I guess we have a target on us due to Pine Gap.

Ekka started in Brisbane today. Tis not a good time in the streets around my place. Fireworks tonight I guess. I hope to catch up with a few people attending the Ekka for a coffee

Helping a friend in Nambour. A lady with 2 children was sitting by the roadside after a fire in their unit. Lost everything and Welfare not helpful so my friend bought them some food. Next day ran around trying to get help. Charities helped a lil but the family needs a lot. My friend has been uncontactable today so guess is still running around. Family has food for the weekend and has been placed in a motel until thursday. Will see what the priorities are for Thursday.

Bought tickets to see a couple of shows at QPAC. Will be seeing Bennelong by Bangarra and also a Concert by Megan Washington

Will see what tomorrow brings. Bunnies won last night so will see what the Tigers can do. Broncos tonight. Getting warm here