Monday 14th August

Wow a big weekend around home.

A tenant here asked me to open an outside door for her. Being my naive self I said yes. There was a guy waiting with her. Dropped a box and left. I yelled at him that I was not waiting at the same time letting her know I would. She slyly reached out and unlocked the latch and other people entered.

I let her know was not good form

A frjend at Sunshine Coast found a lady sitting on roadside in a lil shock, said her unit had burned. 2 children, Centrelink no help. I was very impressed with her kindness as helped the lady for a few days. The kindness of some people knows no bounds.

My Sunday Games session here again messed up. Just Rachel turned up as others were ill. Room had been double booked so just chatted with Rachel and went home. Discovered today that organisor had forgot to book room. I spent money organising bikkies and things but did not care. Losing enthusiasm for delivering activities.

Bec contacted re catching up so will happen on Wed Afternoon. Very concerned re parking and traffic but will see.

Had a smile on my dial today as a dear friend let me know had left husband.

Spent some time on weekend thinking about ” if I had wings, where would I fly to ” some very nice ladies posted and it was nice thinking about spending time in peace with others

Another friend had me remembering the Weis Mango Bar from Toowoomba. Has been to long but will hunt one down.

Health is not good but nobody cares.

Tis mostly self inflicted so no complaining. Onwards and Upwards.

The lady alone has got me thinking that just maybe …

Till tomorrow

Today I spent time researching Youth Detention and making contact with a few people working in this area. So much abuse and punishment and zero incentive to change and educate. Been the same system for 200 years and is time for change. Solitary Confinement has sgopped in USA but very common here. I do have sympathy for guards etc but it is abuse and just adds trauma to what is an already traumatic experience. Iceland is recognised for success in dealing with Adolescent Drug use. The Prison Culture of living and learning from peers usually leads teens astray.

Pensive time on Twitter discussing Angry Aboriginal Women. Read a ladies PHD submission and I have bumped into Angry women in First Nation Friend. As part of looking into Domestic Violence i saw the most common reason for Anger is abuse of personal rights and lord knows Aboriginal Womens Rights have been and still are abused. Aboriginal Women in leadership roles in my experience are awesome. Communicate well but take no rubbish


NORTH KOREA has certainly got everyones attention. Turnbull has announced Oz will support USA if gets to war. Does seem strange he can announce we are going to war but not Same Sex Marriage. A couple of ex PMs have suggested we need a Nuclear Shield. I guess we have a target on us due to Pine Gap.

Ekka started in Brisbane today. Tis not a good time in the streets around my place. Fireworks tonight I guess. I hope to catch up with a few people attending the Ekka for a coffee

Helping a friend in Nambour. A lady with 2 children was sitting by the roadside after a fire in their unit. Lost everything and Welfare not helpful so my friend bought them some food. Next day ran around trying to get help. Charities helped a lil but the family needs a lot. My friend has been uncontactable today so guess is still running around. Family has food for the weekend and has been placed in a motel until thursday. Will see what the priorities are for Thursday.

Bought tickets to see a couple of shows at QPAC. Will be seeing Bennelong by Bangarra and also a Concert by Megan Washington

Will see what tomorrow brings. Bunnies won last night so will see what the Tigers can do. Broncos tonight. Getting warm here

Thursday 10th August

Well today, not much was achieved. Really wanted to work on my own mental health but as usual did nothing. Again was trying to find enjoyment in something. No smiles and no laughs but did enjoy flirting with friends. Giving a friend some grief about his car troubles i also enjoyed. If Frank knew I was enjoying his troubles, i am sure he would see why, but seems cruel cause it is an ongoing issue. Hope he makes it home.

Uganda School furniture arrived at Buhanga yesterday and just the pics of the kids made me smile. Thank you Meredith


Domestic Violence in PNG has me scratching my head, just how can I help. Wrote emails to the new PNG Govt today seeking an office for women and then wrote to Australian Trade seeking a treatment of women clause and child labour clause in Govt contracts with PNG.


Gave a little thought today to the impact of Pornography on our relationship with women and the awful impact on relationships. Many people build expectations about sex based on what they see or read in Porn. Need to think some more about what I can do to engage teens in this discussion.


I have many outstanding contacts. I learn much from them. Thinking about a Reconciliation Plan for First Nations Friend.

See what tomorrow brings



Wednesday 9th August

International Day of Indigenous People

Reflecting on how/if we celebrate Indigenous in Australia. 60,000 + years needs celebrating. Encouraged by the recent Makarrata discussions re Peace and land ownership on Q and A. Seems consensus now re Referendum but still long way to go.

Spent time today on Domestiv Violence, concentrating on appropriate expression of Anger.

Then got to know Uganda better, Kasese in particular. Made me feel closer to the Buhanga children as furnish the classrooms

I have been working on improving the atmosphere in where I live by creating space to support each other. Tonight I am attending a discussion re Book Club. Having a few probs with how to grow. Important people on Holidays.

Onwards and upwards. Remembering my special friends, Merry, Judy, Jane, Pam, Anntoinette and Margaret and Thelma

Tuesday 8th August

What have I been up to today.

Most of the morning I was supporting Aboriginal Australia after the very interesting Garma Festival. A lot of discussion re Makarrata and explained what that meant. Walking together towards peace. Truth and Justice Commission.

After that spent a few hours on Suicide Prevention. ABC shared the story of Donna Thistlewaite on Australian Story re jumping from the Story Bridge. Basically saying Never give up change will happen


Then spent time on Building Peace. Makarrata is building Peace but not so sure that my Aboriginal Friends are ready for that. Will see if Politicians are. Am concerned about the Voice in Parliment. Thinking that need to have state based Voice to advise the national voice. ” they dont speak for me ”

Domestic Violence has been on my mind. I hate all violence. Considering the triggers of Violence today.


Thinking about Uganda and visit by school assessor re acceptance as a registered school. Not likely but the feedback will be very interesting.FB_IMG_1502104702554

Need to do more re


Things also quiet on


Of course have spent ages on this site. Tech and me do not get on at all. My first page is done, please excuse spelling mistakes.